ParaPark Budapest
2 Person
only 6.990 Huf



Warehouse of Wonders: Red Room 17/04/28
Warehouse of Wonders: Red Room
There's always music in the air at the ParaPark! We proudly present the next installment in our Warehouse of Wonders series: the Red Room - a Twin Peaks inspired game for a maximum of 4 players and with a time limit of 37 minutes. Enter the lodge and crack the mystery - but pay attention to the Man from Another Place, the real Lord of the Rings. (Hint hint)
ParaPark, Red Room - "A damn fine game of puzzles!" 
Warehouse of Wonders 16/09/30
Warehouse of Wonders
33 minutes; 2-4 players; 5990HUF
Bye-bye, Miss Enigmatic Spy! The case of Mata Hari, the most famous female spy ever, remains a mystery to this day: was she a traitor or a victim? Well, now we close the doors, so you can close the case. Paolo Coelho, the Yoda of our time has written a new book all about the mysterious spy, and we created a brand new track based on his work. Mata Hari’s secrets will be revealed in the Warehouse of Wonders. For a limited time only! Hari up!
International adventures! 14/09/02
International adventures!

Forget Google Translate; our puzzles and riddles use a language known to the whole of mankind: logic! You can’t talk your way out of this! 

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