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What is the scale of Houdini?

In fact this contains different degrees of difficulty. The scale of Houdini indicates: how much patience, inventiveness, self-control, team work and how many concentration and combination abilities are needed for escaping from the multi-closed Parapark rooms. The most difficult rooms have 5 houdinis, the easier ones less. (The original ParaPark productions have 4 or 5 points, the fake rooms - that today can be found all over the country – usually have 3 houdinis or less).
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But who is Houdini?

I can’t believe you don’t know... Harry Houdini was the world’s  most famous escape artist. (according to G.B. Shaw beside the name of Jesus ad Sherlock Holmes the name of Houdini was mentioned most often in the world at the beginning of the last century). Houdini was Hungarian by birth and he was born with the name of Weisz Erik in the VIIth district of Budapest – however he wanted to keep his Hungarian origin secret. He could escape everything and from eveywhere: police handcuffs, containers full of water, straitjacket, American and Russian jails. According to the legend he died during his last escape show, but the ugly truth is that he died of appendicitis. As a sign of our respect for Houdini we named the ParaPark rooms’ scale of difficulty after him.

Crime Scene 95' – CSI: Budapest, 1995.

CSI: Budapest, 1995

The detectives are stroking their chins and scratching their heads. What could have happened here? Multiple crimes seem to have been committed in the last house on Limelight Street. Is that a coincidence or are these gruesome acts linked somehow? There are so many clues around yet everyone is clueless. Who did this? And what exactly did they do? Everyone’s a suspect.

What’s your alibi?

Code Breaking - Training Day

Code breaking

Welcome to Riddle School – Intensive training course, with drop-out rates through the roof.! Can you solve all of our puzzles in just 45 minutes? Just like in school, that’s all the time you have for this test.

45 minutes for our most challenging escape room yet. Get out or get schooled.

6990HUF/ number of players: 2-4

1082 Budapest, Vajdahunyad utca 4.

+36 (20) 6262401 (pls SMS)