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ParaPark Offsite


‘If the team won’t come to the escape room, the escape room must go to the team!’

ParaPark Offsite is the first portable escape room game in the world. Companies and large groups of friends now have a chance to test their skills and experience flow in an environment of their choosing. Upon opening our big boxes of mystery, players will be confronted with puzzles and codes connected not only to each other but to those in other boxes as well. The team can only accomplish their mission if they share what they find with each other, if they cooperate and coordinate their actions. In other words if they become something more than a mere group of people: if they become a team. The way the game works is that the large group breaks up into smaller teams, and these teams communicate with each other. This guarantees that everyone gets absorbed in the flow of the game.

Portable escape rooms are the latest trend in team-building activities. Our games can be installed and assembled virtually anywhere. They can also be altered to fit the profile of any company and any event. Games of ParPark are independent of any language – players of different backgrounds can play together, even without a language they all share.

Game Types

Team Adventure Team Adventure

This team game consists of shorter, interconnected adventures involving mysterious boxes, and offers fun and entertainment for hundreds of players for a whole day.

Traditional escape room - on-site edition Traditional escape room - on-site edition

The game follows the traditional logic: players have to find their way out of a locked room through solving puzzles and cracking codes – and time is not on their side!

Beat the Clock Beat the Clock

In this fast-paced game, small teams of players have to deactivate certain devices before the timers reach 0.

Milyen technikai feltételei vannak a parapark offsite alkalmazásoknak?

Minimálisak. Csupán egy nagyobb fedett helyiségre, helyiségekre (az esőt nem szeretjük), elektromos áramra van szükségünk – a többi technikát mi adjuk!

A ParaPark Offsite szolgáltatásainkat nem csak kis- és közepes méretű, hanem a nagyobb vállalkozásoknak is ajánljuk akár nemzetközi szinten:

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